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Ebaa Monther

Ebaa Monther


2011​: I have completed a full high school diploma, specialized in biology and Physiology.

2013-2016​: I studied BA in THEATER and worked as a play actress.

2017​: I studied for MfA in performance – creative performer on stage-

2019:​ ​ I got the title of MFA from Tel aviv university. 



I am a person with a sense of self-confidence. I believe in teamwork, flexibility and patience. 

I have a unique learning and performing ability, initiative, creativity and have new performing ideas. I know how to lead projects; I have the ability to negotiate with others. Also I have the ability to stand up to an audience and I got high awareness.







2022:  I participated as an actress in the show “No name”, “Helen and her lion”, also in a stand-up comedy show called” Balad”, and I participated as a rapper on “Doon Jothor” music tour in Europe. And rlees a music tracks on social maid and music platforms.

2021: : I participated as an actress in the show ” beyond the eyes” and the show ” tell me something” by Roti Caner in the show ” helin and her lion” by Noaa Moscovich  in addition to that I have released a new music tracks like” cognac”, “winter is coming”, “akher hami” “amla7” “gbeshi” and more. moreover I started to publish my music on  music platforms such as Spotify appl music and Angami and others applications.

2020: covid-19.


2019:​ ​I participated as an actress in the series “Salma and Sri” , directed by: Petro Paloriny, in the Syrian series _ filmed in Sweden_ “North nights” directed by emad al njaar , in the  Stand up TV show ” Red balloon” by: Norman issa , in the short film ” EXIT” by  nawaf radwan. I participated as an actress in Research program dealing with Kafka’s writings At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under supervision of :  Professor rute kanner, I recorded a song called “mansi” with the producer moody kablawi. ​I participated in the spoken word performance “The girls of the village\bnat balad ” created by me and fidaa zidan. Also I filmed a music video clip called “when we die”.

2018​: I work as a medical clown with the “Red Noses Palestinian” organization,​ ​I’m a player in a playback group called “Mix” and we perform at Jaffa Theater, in “my star film” directed by Asil Amar, also I participated as an actress in “The most important man” directed by: Najwa Najjar. I published live music videos on social media and  I participated in jam sections in Haifa city.


2017​: I played an important role in a short movie called (everything is temporary) for Samera Sarea, also in a show named “A break “ directed by Aiman Nhaas. I started to play the guitar ,composing songs and publishing them on social media.


2016​: outside my studies I played in a play named “Closed Doors “by French philosopher and playwright  Jean-Paul Sartre directed by Siwar Awaad we performed at  KHSHABE THEATER. Also I worked with –KHSHABE THEATER ​In​ Stand Up comedy shows, and in a musical show called “The Sand ” directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi. 

In addition and during my studies I played in the show called “Closest to the End” directed by Bashar Murkus. Also in a musical performance called “Not getting married today “which leads me to an open voice course.


2015:​ I participated as an actress in simulations at the national simulating center in the field of education at Bar-ilan University. Moreover I played a role in a play called “enter fadi” directed by Ati Citron. also in a show called “entrance” with Bashar Murkus.  Outside of my studies I did a play called “the corresponding time” by Bashar Murkus.


2014:​ I participated in a show called “Love in the Cloud” directed by Amer Hlehel.

2013​: I worked at the El Midan Theater as an actress.

2006​:​ ​When I was 13 years old I studied a course in theater ”Ayon\eyes” in my village and I participated in several plays: “The Merchant of Venice”, “Monolog  from Gaza”, “Stories”, ” Trimp” and so also I started to play at the piano

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