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Oded Fehr

Oded Fehr


RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION                               Screen Gems                                          Dir. Paul W.S. Anderson

INESCAPABLE                                          Independent                                            Dir. Ruba Nadda

FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY                    Independent                                            Dir. Ellie Kanner     

HYBRID                                                   Independent                                            Dir. Eric Valette

DROOL                                                    Strand                                                     Dir. Nancy Kissam

THE BETRAYED                                       MGM                                                       Dir. Amanda Gusack

RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION                  Screen Gems                                          Dir. Russell Mulcahy

DREAMER                                               Dreamworks                                           Dir. John Gatins

DEUCE BIGALOW:                                   Columbia                                                 Dir. Mike Bigelow


RESIDENT EVIL 2                                     Screen Gems                                          Dir. Paul Anderson

THE MUMMY RETURNS                         Universal Pictures                                   Dir. Stephen Sommers

DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO          Touchstone                                             Dir. Mike Mitchell

TEXAS RANGERS                                    Miramax                                                 Dir.  Steve Miner

THE MUMMY                                          Universal Pictures                                   Dir.  Stephen Sommers



NCIS                                                        Recurring                                                                CBS

COVERT AFFAIRS                                    Recurring                                                                USA

JANE BY DESIGN                                     Recurring                                                                ABC Family

V                                                              Recurring                                                ABC

LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES                               Guest Star                                               NBC

THREE RIVERS                                        Recurring                                                                CBS

MEDIUM                                                 Guest Star                                               CBS

LIMELIGHT                                              Pilot Lead                                                                ABC

BURN NOTICE                                         Guest Star                                               USA

THE CURE                                               Series Regular                                        FBC Pilot

SLEEPER CELL                                          Series Regular                                        Showtime Networks              

PRESIDIO MED                                        Series Regular                                        CBS

UC: UNDERCOVER                                  Series Regular                                        NBC                                        

ARABIAN NIGHTS                                   Hallmark Productions                             ABC        

CLEOPATRA                                             Hallmark Productions                             ABC        

THE KNOCK                                             Bronson Knight Productions                   Dir. Gerry Poulson

MYTHS AND MONSTERS                        BBC                                                         BBC TV

BEASTS AND MONSTERS                       BBC                                                         BBC TV

KILLER NET                                              La Plante Productions                             Dir. Geoff Sax



DON JUAN COMES BACK                        Courtyard Theater                                   Dir. Samantha Potter

FROM THE WAR                    

MURDER AT THE                                    English Theater, Frankfurt                      Dir. Richard Lord

HOWARD JOHNSON’S                          

SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO         English Theater, Frankfurt                      Dir. Jill Arndt

NORTHERN LIGHTS                                                National Theater, Reykjavik                   Dir. Gunnar Sigurdsson



THE GRAPES OF WRATH                       Bristol Old Vic                                         Dir. Elwyn Johnson

THE ROARING GIRL                                                Bristol Old Vic                                         Dir. Graham Watkins

THE DUTCH COURTESAN                       The New Vic                                           Dir. Richard Howard

THE DEMON BARBER                             Theater Royal                                         Dir. Chris Denys





THE IMPORTANCE OF                            Bristol Old Vic                                         Dir. Andrew Hilton


ROMEO AND JULIET                               Bristol Old Vic                                         Dir. Francis Thomas



The Bristol Old Vic Theater School

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