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Wild Horses

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This is a show about two groups of friends that meet each other at a horse ranch and are forced to get along– “The Elite group”, which is headed by Libi, has been hanging there forever. These kids are “preppy” and spoiled. The 2nd group,”The Pilot group”, has members who are from all over the country and need to take a part in community service. The kids in “The pilot group” are nothing like the kids from “The elite” – they are poor and just looking to survive and get out of trouble.

The Elite group feels threatened by the young juveniles who came to their “God’s little acre” and try to do everything in order to keep their dignity and to fight back.

Between the two leaders is Alma, Libi’s girlfriend, who connects to Nati – the only one who really understands her

This is a story about young love, social class’ difference and battles over power.

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