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Turning 40

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Towards his 40th birthday, Daum finds himself at an essential crossroad – he feels like his life just passed by without him really experiencing them. Yes, midlife crisis his hitting him hard.

Daum always lived between 2 worlds. Doesn’t believe in God but goes to the synagogue, lives at a settlements but is friendly with Arabs, despises the celeb culture but is willing to give a kidney to be invited to different events, laughs on politicians but doesn’t dare to bad mouth Bibi next to him.

Depressed from the situation he is at, Hanoch turns to his shrink in order to check the areas in his life which require checkup – the fear from death, happiness, culture, economical situation and more. After speaking with his shrink and with her advice, He goes on a journey to check the different topic they discussed with two of his friends (well -known right wing parliament member and a left wing speaker). The two will accompany him through his life’s journey.

How will this journey end? And what insights of life will it bring? Join us in the funny, crazy, and inspiring journey of life!

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