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The Unit

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“The Unit” is a docu-reality TV show that takes 10 celebrities for a month of boot camp in order to perform as a band in front of the troops.

The celebrities will live together in a military camp, and be trained in both aspects – the military one, and the entertainment one – in order to create a new stage show about and to the army.

They will be divided into 2 teams, who will compete each other during training.  They will fight each other over winning a solo and will train to be the best performers they can.

They will have small stage shows in the army bases, fire department bases, police, and more, as practice for their final mission – to do a big stage show – where they are going to perform in theater at gala thanking our troops.

During which, our unit will experience how is it to serve in the actual unit they will be performing at. They will have sky diving lessons, compete on a boat, pass boot camp and maintain military disciplinary.

Will they survive boot camp? Will they manage to put up a show in one month? And are the troops going to welcome them to their lives?

“The Unit” is a comic reality – “GLEE” meets “Private Benjamin” – kind of a show, that pays a lot of respect to the army and its soldiers.

With a huge success and millions of VOD downloads, 3rd is season is now in post-production.

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