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The Missing

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Emma and Alon, two teenage siblings, find themselves one day and without any warning, moving with their parents to a small provincial town. As soon as they get there, they discover two disturbing facts about their new hometown:

1 – For the past 15 years, the groundwater in the area has been geologically poisoned (or so is believed to be the truth) and everyone is forced to drink only bottled water.

2 – Six months prior to their arrival, 3 kids at their own age have drowned (or so is believed to be the truth) and since then, the town is mourning.

While trying to fit in in their new school, Emma stumbles across a picture that proves without a doubt that the 3 supposedly dead kids are very much alive. Someone kidnapped them and wants everyone to believe that they are dead.

From this point on, Emma, Alon and their new friends in town will find themselves getting deeper and deeper in a mystery which will turn out to be bigger that they could have ever imagined and will involve everybody they know. Or thought they knew.

While investigating the mystery, Emma falls in love with Ido, the boyfriend of the missing Daria. The question of what will happen to this affair when Daria is found, is the basis of the main love triangle of the season.

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