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Gar’inim is a wild sitcom for teens. Our four main characters are members of a volunteering unit group (which is in Hebrew Gar’in) – who have been sent to a year of community service before their army recruitment. Out of all the places in Israel, they are placed at a community center at a godforsaken town, “Kiryat Kadim”.  Together, the group is in charge of entertaining the kids of the town.

If the “Gar’inim” were normal teenagers, this could have been the rest of the story. But they aren’t. The frictions, friendships and intrigues (and yes, love as well), are just a matter of time.

Another main character is the principal of the center, who only has one goal – to destroy the center and build instead of it a skyscraper and take the penthouse floor for himself.

All of the episodes are at the center, before and after the activities and in each episode the cast needs to deal with different problems. Instead of overcoming the problems they just complicate them only to resolve them in an unexpected yet satisfying solution – till the next time…


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