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Justice has two sides

Scarred  is the story of two close ex special commando unit friends, who find themselves on opposite sides of the law and on a  dangerous collision course –  one is a police detective and the other, a leader of a vigilante group dedicated to avenging crimes and killing murderers.

Yaki and Sa’ar were best friends in the army. While Yaki believes in “the system” of law and order, Sa’ar is a trigger happy misfit. After their military service the two friends find themselves knee deep in a romantic triangle that ends tragically when Natalie, the women they both love, is mysteriously killed. This tragedy separates them and sends them on their different paths. Each vows to fight for justice but in an opposite way.

Yaki’s, now a police officer, finds himself investigating a series of mysterious murders with two things in common: the victims are all criminals and their deaths are regarded as unfortunate accidents. Yaki’s suspicion will start leading him towards the truth and his former best friend.

Sa’ar, forms a group of like-minded characters who each lost a loved one to senseless crimes that went unpunished. Together, they arrange   “accidents” in which bad guys get killed and justice is served.

So who is right? What is justice all about? And how far will we go for revenge?

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