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The Station

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The Station

Grey’s Anatomy – the YA version.


If you thought so far that high school was the center of teens today, we have news for you. All they care about it selfie, Instagram, x-box and the list continues endlessly.

However, among us, are teens that the dramas that control their lives are real dilemmas about saving lives and wanting to excellent at all cost. These teens are the volunteers of Mada, Israel’s local Red Cross. High school that as early as the age of 16 join the rescue forces and find themselves in situations that even adults would have found difficult to be at

The fact that they are dealing with life and death situations, doesn’t prevent them from being teenagers with hormones, searching for their self-identity, first loves, school stress, complicated relationships with their parents, friends and basically – the world.


“The Station” tells the story of a group of teenagers who all volunteer at one station in a small town, from early as starting the training and until them fitting in the everyday activities.

In the center of the story we have 2 brothers – Romy and Adar. Adar is a long time 17 years old volunteer who based on a wrong judgement (or so it seems), exits the ambulance in a car accident area and gets hurt himself by a passing vehicle. After several days of hospitalization, he finds out he can no longer walk.

His sister Romi, a tan-loving and shopaholic clueless girls, finds out that the accident in which her brother became handicapped, wasn’t coincidental,  and that there are different people who are trying to hide the truth. She finds herself joining Mada as a volunteer under an alias. She only plans being there for a few days, until she figures out exactly what happened, but gets sucked in the volunteering world, her first love and the group.


Each of the volunteers has their own story – Nimi, whose father dies in front of his eyes and that’s why he decided to volunteer – so he can save others. He becomes Romi’s partner. Aluma, whose parents need her help with the family farm and that’s why she hides the fact that she volunteered. Bugi, who fights racism and prejudice over his skin color , Gili, who goes through a makeover from the biggest nerd to the most popular guy, Shaked, whose father runs the station and therefore is forced to fight for her legit place at the team and more.

The series has a mix of action and adrenaline – ambulances, motorbikes and exciting and strange medical situations. The volunteers get calls in which they have to show courage and professionality, but most importantly – dealing with stressful situations – baby who has been left at a locked car, injured people who have been crushed at a concert, organ transplantation and more.

One of the main plot lines, which adds action and suspense is “the glimmer burglar”, a burglar who focuses on jewelry stores close to where the station is. How is he connected? What does one of the ambulance drivers has to do with it? And how is he connected to Adar’s accident?


In an era in which most of the YA shows deal with sci-fi, superheroes and more unrealistic characters, we want to show that the real super heroes are flesh and blood – these teenagers. Life and reality themselves provide us with enough drama, with no need for extra elements. The show deals with everyday problems of these kids, who chose to be ordinary and give to the community while struggling with their internal problems.


The show is currently on air in Israel and following incredible numbers, the volunteering number has significantly arise.



A few points for the volunteering aspect at the US –

1 . The US allows to get a certificate of an approval as a paramedic  at the age of 16.

2 . Before the age of 16, you can join as a JUNIOR MEMBER and you can start at some places at the age of 14

3 . The different programs raise the banners of volunteering and educational values – General info –




Examples for the volunteering organizations –


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