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The First Family

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What happens when one day you’re elected to be the prime minister, but your family is obviously not set up for the occasion? “The First Family” is a drama series that follows the lives of the most important family in Israel – the prime minister’s family. When Shaul Agmon is elected as prime minister, this Tel Avivian family must leave their comfortable life by the beach and move into a heavily guarded house at Balfour St. in Jerusalem.

Every member of Shaul’s family – his wife, Diti, his daughter, Libi, and his son, Golan, now have to cope with their dad and husband being leader of their country, and each has very different coping mechanisms to deal with the oppressive house they must now call home.

Based on true stories as the show has been co-written by the granddaughter of former prime minister Rabin, the show follows how their individual lives change and how Shaul’s work starts to influence every bit of their well-being – both physically and mentally – as personal and national interests become entangled.


  • Created by: Shachar Magen and Noa Rotman
  • Produced by: Koda Communication

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