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The Nerds Club

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40X20 Min


Five teenagers at the bottom of their school’s food chain, establish a club with a special “Nerd’s Rules Book”.

On his first day in High School, Yotam realizes that the new school hierarchy has defined him as a geek even before he has managed to find his classroom. The beautiful and popular kids immediately seize their place at the top of the pyramid, leaving everyone else in their dust. Fortunately for him, he realizes he is not alone and is surrounded by other geeks in the same situation.  Together, they establish a club which will help its members survive the social jungle of High School.

At the centre of the club – and the show – is the “Nerd’s Rules Book” which is written by Yotam and includes all the Dos and Don’ts, tips and warnings that every nerd must be aware of.  In each episode, the geeks will learn a new lesson the hard (but funny!) way, with each one turning into a new entry in the rule book.

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