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Shlomo Victory owns a chili restaurant (Mexican food). Ona is a courier for the restaurant. But Shlomo Victory is also a criminal who blackmails the ambassador of Shanxi Yan (an invented Asian country) and in the first episode, he has to deliver an expensive ring that he stole / received from the ambassador to close the ambassador’s gambling debt.

The police is “hot” on Shlomo Victory, and in order to escape from the police – he decides to hide the ring inside a tortilla delivery and sends the nerdy lobe to pass the “innocent” tortilla to an underworld man.

But Ona doesn’t do it. Instead, he drops the shipment on his good friend Boaz Kochik (because of the lockdown, the restaurant needs more couriers, and Ona recruits Kochik 

At the same time – Roni Kochik (Boaz ‘sister, a successful DIY vlogger), finds herself at a publicity event of her agent, along with four other vloggers (some of whom she really hates).

She begs her brother to come pick her up from the event and take her home, and he agrees to pick her up, on the way to the delivery of the tortilla (which has the ring of Jan people that he is unaware of).

When the two brothers, Boaz and Roni, arrive to deliver the shipment, the “customer” (the offender) is not there (he is caught by the police), and Roni, who sees two homeless people in love, offers to give them the shipment.

Kochik agrees, not knowing that he is also giving them an expensive and rare ring.

That night, all five vloggers including Roni, are notified that they have been exposed to a covid’s patient, and their famed agent informs them that he has closed for the five of them a boutique hotel to quarantine at – expecting them to take videos and attract the hottest home / quarantine  advertisers in the country and become the most popular viewing attraction.

When Shlomo victory discovers that the shipment has not arrived, and the ring has disappeared – he gets is obviously angry and demands from Kochik the ring or tens of thousands of dollars instead. Kochik, of course, does not have the amount and the ring so Shlomo finds a solution.

Because of the lockdown, in the Shanxi Yan Temple in Jaffa, in the exhibition of relics of Shanxi Yan (the holy shrine to the members of the community), is the Shanxi Yan crown – (it is not possible to fly it back, because of covid). Shlomo Victory decides that Kochik and Ona (the culprits in his opinion) will be his monkeys (“the monkeys”) and rob the crown (he even helps them with a magnetic card and more information).

He also blames the vloggers at the hotel for collaborating with Kochik and being responsible for stealing the crown.

From this point, the preparations for the theft of the crown from the temple of Jan’s people start. When Kochik and Ona think they are about to steal the crown, his sister Roni, together with her friends, will do everything they can to prevent him from stealing the crown and sitting in jail all his life

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