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State Rules

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State Rules is a different kind of political thriller, told from the points of view of those lurking in the shadows behind the spotlights, the parliamentary aids to the government ministers and advisors to parliament members.

Who are these young, bright, ambitious and calculated individuals who manage and control the diaries and affect the decisions of those in power? How much of their maneuvering and caprices come to play and what is their role within the government?

Who would have thought that the great protest sweeping the nation is an attempt by a young parliamentary advisor to win over a girl? The latest provocation at the general assembly? A trick by another advisor so he wouldn’t get caught sneaking out of work in the middle of the day. And that much talked about natural gas plan? The result of a fallout between two young ex-lovers.

At the end of the day, it is their alliances, love lives, relationships and negotiations that affect the public agenda and how the legislative body functions. Into this group infiltrates an idealist seeking revenge, leading them all to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the entire country. In order to prevent a catastrophe, they will have to put aside their different interests and egos and resist the great temptation that comes with great power.

This is the House of Parliament as a workplace, a peek behind the curtain to its unvarnished day-to-day bureaucracy, where every day is a war of egos, pettiness, reductions and filibusters, the real mechanisms that are kept out of the headlines.

David is a former journalist who just learned that his estranged brother, a former political advisor working for one of the ministers in the State Parliament, was found dead as a result of a car crash. He quickly realizes that it wasn’t an accident and in fact his brother was murdered after he came upon attempts of extortion by high-ranking government officials. With help from friends, David decides to infiltrate the Parliament under a false identity, in order to find out what really happened to his brother. As he follows the leads and enters the political arena, David goes down a dark path of dirty secrets and political discoveries.

The show was shot in the real House of Parliament of Israel – “The Knesset”, and features cameos and appearances by real-life politicians and ministers.


Created by: Haim Avihail, Raz Yuvan and Ram Landes

Written by: Haim Avihail, Raz Yuvan and Moshe Klughaft

Production: Koda Communications

Broadcaster: HOT

Distributed by: ADD Content Agency

Country: Israel

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