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“Sirens” is a fantasy thriller set in Eilat, the southeast city in Israel that borders Egypt and follows refugee officer, Shelley, who is very loyal to her work – so much so, that is sometimes seems her work is more important than her family.

When the body of Shelley’s long-lost twin sister, Maya, is found following her alleged drowning 17 years ago in the Sinai, her life is dramatically changed. As Shelley begins her own investigation, the case opens old wounds and draws her deep into a roller-coaster ride of cryptic secrets and mysterious discoveries.

What happened to Maya during these years? Where has she been? What secret does the city of Eilat and its residents hold, and what do the refugees have to do with it all?

“Sirens” has been sold to France, Russia, Brazil and more.


  • Created by: Shachar Magen and Adam Sanderson
  • Produced by: July August Productions

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