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My Guardian Angel

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40X25 Min


Everyone has a guardian angel that protects, guides and gives them that extra encouragement. But what if your guardian angel sucks?

No matter how hard we try, sometimes all we need is some heavenly assistance. That’s what Guardian Angels are for, but Roy got Steve – the worst guardian angel ever. And this lousy angel has been ruining his life since the day he was born.

Until one day, The Big Man Above (who is, actually, a woman), decides to put an end to it, and kicks Steve down to earth, in the form of a high-school student. He needs to fix Roy’s life and put it on the right track – only then will he be allowed back to heaven.

Equipped with a smartphone that contains apps of miracles, Steve gets on the job. In every episode he targets a problem and tries to make it right, but being easily distracted, Steve messes up and makes it even worse. However, in a weird twist of fate, things always turn out okay for Roy.

  • Created by: Assaf Shalita and Doroz Tzur
  • Produced by: ADD Content Agency

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