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“Asfur” – a bird in Arabic; stands for “weak” among Jerusalem Hebrew speaking people.

In Jerusalem, between the garages of the Industry area called “The underground city”, there is a small valley. At its center – there are three carcasses of old buses. Supposedly it is a neglected trashy area, but in fact it is the kingdom of Moti Amoyal – the charismatic leader that his grandfather owned this land; Itzik Ben-Soly – the one who always gets in trouble; “Katzar” (“Short” in Hebrew) – who doesn’t think a lot before he hits, and “Newton” – who thinks too much.

Those are our four heroes, a gang of 30 years old hopeless men from the hoods, that have decided to turn their heads from wealth, careers and success. In their little kingdom, inside three trashed buses, they live their lives without taxes, bank accounts, social security number or insurance. They make their money without reporting it to the tax authorities; they smoke a lot of weed and simply don’t give a shit. Ain’t that a living…

Our story begins when one day, with no further notice, a bomb lands on their heads. They discover that Moti’s grandfather owes the city an astronomic figure of 750k NIS( around 200k dollars). They receive a letter that gives them only 45 days to pay the debt or else they will be evicted. Simultaneously, they find out that the land is about to be thawed, and its future value will be worth millions.

With no help and no means, they decide to fight for their lives. With not a lot of chances, they try in any way possible to get the money in order to cover the debt. They embark on this risky journey in which they break all limits, laws and whatnot. They still, con, smoke, get involved with organized crime members, and their friendship is being tested for the first time. A victory will make them very rich, a failure will kill them.

Since it has been aired, there were more than 30 million views of all the show episodes on HOT and HOT VOD. Hundreds of thousands of people have watched the show on YNET – Israel’s no. 1 website – and thousands have downloads the show through different Internet sources. The show has created a unique dialogue that has been used ever since among Israelis.

The huge media buzz around it was unprecedented. The show has become talkative on the net right when it aired, and every mention of it was followed by thousands of talkbacks and comments.

Another record that the show has broken is the most popular scripted show in Israel – the show’s official Facebook page has more than 200,000 active fans.

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